If you are the pastor or a lay leader in a church that is struggling to grow or have the spiritual impact in your community that you desire, then you need to read “Becoming Inn Keepers.

  • The majority of Americans that attend a worship service on a weekly basis do so at a church that has less than 100 in attendance
  • Less than 1% of American churches are considered mega-Churches
  • With weekly church attendance on a steady decline in America, the mega churches are not geographically positioned to reach the Unchurched
  • Smaller churches ARE geographically positioned to reach this group because millions of Americans live within walking distance or a short drive to a smaller church

Why are the Unchurched not visiting and attending?

  • Many feel the local church is no longer relevant in their lives
  • Many love God and want to serve Him, but no matter how often they attend it seems the hurts and wounds they have in their lives never go away
  • Many are not experiencing a real spiritual transformation or receiving the deep inner healing and deliverance so desperately needed
  • Discipleship programs and marketing plans are not working!

In addressing these issues this book is about transforming churches into places of healing, deliverance and hope.  So often, pastors and churches try to copy the methods and practices of churches they perceive to be successful and growing, in hopes of replicating that “success” and growth in their own church.  This is not a book about church growth, but provides proven answers on how to become a church of power, hope and healing so Jesus can bring the lost, hurting and wounded to you with confidence they will receive the ministry and life transformation they desperately need.