At Church 3.0 We Believe...

  1. There is only One God
  2. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, and salvation is only available through Him!
  3. The Bible is the complete and only inspired Word of God, and contains all Truth
  4. In a world that is full of uncommitted and casual relationships, we believe all believers are called to make a commitment to a local body of believers
  5. All believers are called to passionately pursue becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ
  6. The purpose of the Church is to spread the Gospel through evangelism and to make disciples
  7. Jesus Christ will return one day to judge every person who has ever lived and hold them accountable to the teachings of the Bible
  8. Relationships are what matter most to God
  9. God never intended for the Church to be large and impersonal; it was designed to be intimate and caring!
  10. Gods plan is for every believer to experience a life of joy, peace, freedom and fulfillment